What is the age limit?

From 14 to 70 years. Over 70 years depending on your health condition and only by prior consultation with a doctor

I saw the documentary film

Yes, indeed, the sanatorium "Goryachinsk" was mentioned in the film "Science of fasting." The sanatorium is NOT a clinic, or a well-equipped hospital, where you could receive quality medical care in case of complications. The resort has specific indications and contraindications, that strictly limited by Ministry of Health of Russian Federation.

Research by Professor Nikolaev in the film

Yes, indeed, Pr. Nikolaev conducted research in the field of psychiatry in the soviet years by the clinic near Moscow, but, he has no followers left. Unfortunately the resort Goryachinsk does not treat patients with mental illness and any kind of mental disorders is contraindicated.

How I can book a fasting course?

Before booking a course of fasting therapy in the sanatorium "Goryachinsk", you need to fill out a medical questionnaire. Only in the absence of contraindications and approval of your profile by a doctor, we can book a place and services of the sanatorium for you.

What time of year is it better to come?

The Goryachinsk sanatorium is open all year round. You can come at any time of the year. Summer - July-September in the sanatorium is high season, it is better to book dates for this period in advance

I have cancer, can I come?

All oncological deseases are absolute containdications at a health resort Goryachinsk, also with mestastases and after operations and chemotherapies.

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